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Programmed to coincide with the Gay Pride celebrations, the Festival Visible turns Madrid, during part of June and July, into the capital of gay culture. This year, the festival celebrates its fifth edition and will present a programme comprising 25 cultural acts featuring visual and scenic arts.

A total of thirteen theatre and dance shows, eleven exhibitions and a roundtable on theatre, all of them related to the gay community, will fill Madrid with culture. [...] As for the scenic arts, Visible offers an interesting programme that will kick off in the Círculo de Bellas Artes with Ángel Ruiz's show LA COPLA DESNUDA, and in the Teatro La Espada de Madera with a Peruvian mise-en-scène of EL HOMOSEXUAL O LA DIFICULTAD DE EXPRESARSE, written by French-Argentine Copi. The programme for the so-called Copi Week also includes two dramatized readings by the playwright UNA VISITA INOPORTUNA and CACHAFAZ as well as a roundtable on his work.

This year's festival also presents two dance shows SIX LIVES and ENCUENTRO CASUAL by the Compañía Interferencia Danza (Sala Triángulo), and another production entitled NO PESA EL CORAZÓN DE LOS VELOCES, staged by one of Spain's best contemporary dance troupes Erre que erre in the Teatro Pradillo. Sala DT will be partaking in the festival with the dance and theatre show SILENCIADOS, staged by the company Sudhum Teatro.

NOEL ROAD 25: A GENIUS LIKE US, by Mosaico Mercurio, performed in Sala Triángulo is a text about love and its complexities, a subject which is also the central theme of two other productions, both staged at the Teatro de las Aguas: TITANIAS, by the company Marvick, and SABES QUE NO ME IMPORTA, by La Saraghina de Staleker. For the seventh year in a row, Sala DT will present its programme Versión Original that gives up the stage to young and innovative companies who present daring productions in a free and open manner. This year, the programme includes Y DIOS ME HIZO MUJER, EVA HA MUERTO and CAPULLITO DE ALHELÍ. [...]

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