La Universidad de Oxford, el King's College de Londres y la Universidad Queen's de Belfast lanzan un exhaustivo estudio sobre Carlos Be

La Universidad de Oxford, el King's College de Londres y la Universidad Queen's de Belfast lanzan un exhaustivo estudio sobre Carlos Be y su trayectoria teatral a partir de sus tres obras más internacionales: Amén, Noel Road 25: a genius like us y Origami.

Carlos Be is one of Spain’s most prolific contemporary writers. 

Investigadores de estas tres universidades se han unido para crear el proyecto conocido como Out of the Wings, que nace con el propósito de "difundir las riquezas de los teatros de España e Hispanoamérica entre los investigadores y profesionales teatrales angloparlantes". El programa presenta tres frentes principales de investigación: el Siglo de Oro español, teatro moderno español y teatro hispanoamericano.

Carlos Be’s plays typically explore issues such as abuses of power, religious hypocrisy and flawed human relationships. A number of his plays focus on homosexual characters, dramatising conflicts these characters have with one another or with the repressive society in which they live. The relationships between his characters are often very troubled, defined by cruelty, power struggles and indifference. 

Las obras estudiadas están conceptualizadas a través de sus sinopsis, una muestra de traducción, notas de producción, la respuesta de la crítica y el historial de montajes. A continuación, os dejamos con un fragmento de las sinopsis de las obras de Carlos Be y su correspondiente enlace a Out of the Wings.

De Amén: "The year is 2005 in the United States. The Catholic Church is bombarded with accusations of child abuse. Two priests talk about the toll the scandals are taking on themselves and on their congregations. One of the priests, Robert, has been asked to look out for signs of homosexual behaviour among his students in the seminary. He is exasperated by the way the Church is handling the situation, turning its priests into spies and persecuting any hint of homosexuality. The other priest, Arthur, is more worried about the Church’s damaged reputation. For Arthur, rebuilding the Church’s image takes precedence over uncovering past crimes committed by priests."

De Noel Road 25: a genius like us: "In his apartment at 25 Noel Road, Ken has violently murdered his lover Joe. He has then killed himself. Spectre-like, Ken stands over Joe’s inert body, recalling their funerals. Scores attended Joe’s burial, while only a handful of people came to pay their respects to Ken. In death just as in life, then, Joe – a famous playwright – got all the attention while Ken could only remain in the shadows."

De Origami: "Aldo lives with his mother Claudia. They have a close – sometimes sexual – relationship. The pair spend most of their time shut away from the rest of the world. Claudia is particularly reclusive, relying heavily on her attractive and more confident son. Claudia and Aldo earn their living making origami shapes. Most recently, they have been commissioned to make books created solely out of intricate origami."

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