All of Carlos Be's plays in English

Out of the wings es un proyecto de la Universidad de Oxford, el King's College de Londres y la Universidad Queen's de Belfast. Hasta la fecha, las obras en catálogo de Carlos Be son las siguientes:

25 Noel Road: a genius like us (2001), translated by Berni Armstrong:

Ken and Joe are lovers. But this is not the love of fairytales. It is the stuff of dark, erotic nightmares, leading to destruction. 
Amen (c. 2006), translated by Gwynneth Dowling:
All around the world, gay men and women continue to fight for equality. Progress has been made, yet many still face persecution. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church has been riddled with scandal, accused of protecting abusive priests. Amén explores the contradictions within – and conflicts between – different groups in society, asking us to reconsider the traditional power structures that allow criminals to be protected, while other people are persecuted for their sexual behaviour.
Origami (c. 2006), translated by Gwynneth Dowling:
Life is like origami. The paths and decisions we make are like paper folds, giving shape to our lives. Some of these shapes are ugly, some are beautiful, and some are both at the same time.
It's raining cows (c. 2008), translated by Susanna Herbert:
What happens when you love someone so much you believe everything they tell you? Can they make you believe that you cannot hear? Cannot see? Margaret and her husband are free to make the world as they wish it. They see cows rain from the sky… But something has happened to turn these magical visions dark, and as Margaret begins to lose faith in her husband, he tests her loyalty, pushing fantasy from the sublime to the macabre.
Woman in a taxi crossing New York (2010), translated by Gwynneth Dowling:

A woman in the back of a taxi, a pistol in her bag. Take a trip through her chaotic thoughts and memories, as she travels the landscapes of her mind while crossing New York.

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