Traducciones / Translations

Select the play you want to request and email us with its reference to We will send you the text in PDF format as soon as possible.

Available languages are Catalan, Czech, English, Galician, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish (here) and Ukrainian:

Catalan / Català

(ref. CATFOR)
Males herbes (ref. CATMAL)
My favorite things* (ref. CATMYF)
Noel Road 25: a genius like us - Translated by Carlos Be (ref. CATNOE)
Origami* (ref. CATORI)
Som oberts a totes les famílies* (ref. CATSOM)

Czech / Český

 - Translated by Iveta Gonzálezová (ref. CZEMAR)
Origami - Translated by Eva Knollová-Hlávková (ref. CZEORI)
Plevel - Translated by Iveta Gonzálezová (ref. CZEPLE)
Prší krávy - Translated by Petr Gojda (ref. CZEPRI)
Valentýn - Translated by Petr Gojda (ref. CZEVAL)
Všechno nejlepší, Phoebe Zeitgeist! - Translated by Petr Gojda (ref. CZEVSE)
Woman in a taxi crossing New York - Translated by Dora Bouzková (ref. CZEWOM)


25 Noel Road: a genius like us - Translated by Berni Armstrong (ref. ENG25N)
Amen - Translated by Gwynneth Dowling (ref. ENGAME)
It's raining cows - Translated by Susanna Herbert (ref. ENGITS)
Origami - Translated by Gwynneth Dowling (ref. ENGORI)
Woman in a taxi crossing New York - Translated by Gwynneth Dowling (ref. ENGWOM)

Galician / Galego

Origami - Translated by Afonso Becerra (ref. GALORI)

Italian / Italiano

Piavono mucche - Translated by Manuela Mandracchia and Mariángeles Torres (ref. ITAPIA)
Siamo aperti a tutte le famiglie - Translated by Laura Bernardini (ref. ITASIA)

Polish / Polski

Origami - Translated by Rubi Birden (ref. POLORI)
Róży - Translated by Ilona Narębska (ref. POLROZ)

Slovak / Slovenský

Prípad Pilčík - Translated by Katarína Zubácka (ref. SLOPRI)

Ukrainian / украї́нська мо́ва

Маргариті - Translated by Ирина Евдокимова (ref. UKRMAR)

* Original play in Catalan

Origami's opening night at Prague's Ungelt Theatre (2010)